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  • VMEbus

    96 PIN DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 FEMALE at the backplane. 96 PIN DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 MALE at the boards. J=Jack (Backplane), P=Plug (Board) P1/J1 (Required) Pin Name a1 D00 a2 D01 a3 D02 a4 D03 a5 D04 a6 D05 a7 D06 a8 D07 a9 GROUND a10 SYSCLK a11 GROUND a12 DS1* a13 DS0* a14 WRITE* a15 […]

  • VME64x

    160 PIN DIN 41612 (???) FEMALE at the backplane. 160 PIN DIN 41612 (???) MALE at the boards. J=Jack (Backplane), P=Plug (Board) See [vmebus.html VMEbus] for more signals. Only signals changed/added in VME64x are listed below P1/J1 (Required) Pin Name z1 MPR z2 GND z3 MCLK z4 GND z5 MSD z6 GND z7 MMD z8 […]

  • VESA LocalBus (VLB)

    58 PIN EDGE CONNECTOR MALE at the card. 58 PIN EDGE CONNECTOR FEMALE at the computer. Pin Name Description A1 D1 Data 1 A2 D3 Data 3 A3 GND Ground A4 D5 Data 5 A5 D7 Data 7 A6 D9 Data 9 A7 D11 Data 11 A8 D13 Data 13 A9 D15 Data 15 A10 […]

  • Universal Graphic Module

    Module connector: AMP/Tyco 3-6318490-6 0.5mm pitch / 220 pin Computer connector: AMP/Tyco 3-1827253-6 0.5mm pitch / 220 pin or AMP/Tyco 3-6318491-6 0.5mm pitch / 220 pin Pin Name A1 GND A2 Fan_PWM A3 LVDS_A_0N A4 LVDS_A_0P A5 GND A6 LVDS_A_1N A7 LVDS_A_1P A8 GND A9 LVDS_A_2N A10 LVDS_A_2P A11 GND A12 LVDS_VDD_EN A13 LVDS_A_CLKN A14 […]

  • Unibus

    +————//——–+ +————//——–+ |AA1 AB1 AC1 // AU1 AV1| |BA1 BB1 BC1 // BU1 BV1| |AA2 AB2 AC2 // AU2 AV2| |BA2 BB2 BC2 // BU2 BV2| +————//——–+ +————//——–+ 2 x 36 EDGE FEMALE at the backplane. 2 x 36 EDGE MALE at the cards/modules. Pin Name Description AA1 /INIT AA2 POWER +5v AB1 /INTR AB2 […]

  • Spectravideo SVI318/328 Expansion Bus

    50 PIN MALE EDGE the computer. Pin Name Dir Description 1 +5v Power, 300mA 2 /CNTRL2 Game adapter control signal 3 +12v Power, 100mA 4 -12v Power, 50mA 5 /CNTRL1 Game adapter control signal 6 /WAIT Z80 WAIT 7 /RST Z80 RST 8 CPU CLK Buffered 3.58MHz system clock 9 A15 Buffered Address bus 10 […]

  • SmallPCI

    UNKNOWN CONNECTOR at the motherboard. UNKNOWN CONNECTOR at the device. I don’t have any technical information about SmallPCI at the moment. If you have any information of value please send it to me. The specifications can be obtained from: PCI Special Interest Group 2575 NE Kathryn St. #17 Hillsboro, OR 97124 Phone: 1-800-433-5177 Fax: 1-503-693-8344

  • SUN SBus

    96 PIN UNKNOWN FEMALE CONNECTOR (Fujitsu FCN 234P096-G/Y) at the Motherboard 96 PIN UNKNOWN MALE CONNECTOR (Fujitsu FCN 234P096-G) at the Motherboard Pin Name Description 1 GND Ground 2 sb_br* sb_br 3 sb_sel* sb_sel 4 sb_irql* ? 5 sb_d(0) Data bit 0 6 sb_d(2) Data bit 2 7 sb_d(4) Data bit 4 8 sb_irq2* Interrupt […]

  • PCI-X

    PCI-X=Peripheral Component Interconnect Extended PCI-X is the next generation of PCI. Uses 64 bits technology. Developed by IBM, HP, and Compaq. PCI-X is not PCI Express. Speed grade Bandwidth Introduced in PCI-X 66 66 MHz PCI-X 1.0 PCI-X 133 133 MHz PCI-X 1.0 PCI-X 266 266 MHz PCI-X 2.0 PCI-X 533 533 MHz PCI-X 2.0 PCI-X 1.0 […]

  • PCI Express

    Version Pins Bandwidth PCIe 1x 22+14 250 Mbit/s (full-duplex) PCIe 4x 22+42 1000 Mbit/s (full-duplex) PCIe 8x 22+76 2000 Mbit/s (full-duplex) PCIe 16x 22+142 4000 Mbit/s (full-duplex) Pinout PCI Express 1X 22+14 PIN EDGE CONNECTOR MALE at the card. 22+14 PIN EDGE CONNECTOR FEMALE at the motherboard. Side A Pin Name Description 1 PRSNT#1 Hot […]